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More than 40 years ago, Mobil 1™ motor oil was introduced, making it the first globally available full synthetic automotive motor oil. Though it was originally released to safely enhance fuel efficiency, later formulations of Mobil 1 motor oil offered outstanding wear protection over the widest range of temperatures. Now, more than four decades later, Mobil 1 remains the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand. It has pushed forward the boundaries of automotive lubricant technology, evolving and improving to keep engines running like new, mile after mile, since 1974.

For Vehicles

Regardless of whether your car, truck or motorcycle is new or a long-standing family member, the motor oil that goes in the engine matters. Our offer includes the Mobil 1™ brand, and a wide variety product options in synthetic and synthetic blend formulations. Browse our product lineup or get help with narrowing down the choices using our product selector.

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For Businesses

Successful businesses depend on lubricants blended by MAL Pakistan. By providing you with the most effective lubricants and advanced technical services, we can help you boost equipment uptime, reduce maintenance, improve employee safety, lower energy costs and minimise the environmental footprint of your operation.

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5 Factors Killing your Car

Mobil 1™ advanced synthetic motor oils can help your engine last longer than conventional oil. Learn more about how they protect against the 5 leading factors that could be shortening your engine life.

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Mobil 1™ Auto Spa

Spread across the nation, Mobil1™ Auto Spas offer outstanding car care services backed with professional expertise, top-of-the-line products and state-of-the-art equipment.

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Industrial Lubricants

Our innovative industrial lubricants, application expertise and engineering services provide the solutions that can help you reach even higher levels of productivity.

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We provide quality chemical products and services in the most efficient and responsible manner while remaining committed to the principles of sustainable development.

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