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About Us

Marketed around the world, the Mobil brand is known for performance and innovation. The Mobil brand is recognized for its advanced technology in lubricants and services, and it is synonymous with Motorsport where performance counts.

Whatever you build, produce, manufacture, run or generate, one fact is clear: Better lubricants and Better lubricants suppliers co relate to productivity. Just one reason why more than 5000 equipment builders world wide recognize Mobil Industrial Lubricants. With a standard-setting product range, and unmatched industry expertise, Mobil Industrial Lubricants don’t just elevate productivity. We unleash it.

The Mobil brand first entered Pakistan in September 1997 with its world-renowned range of lubricants for automotive and industrial use. Business is conducted through our corporate office located in Karachi, regional offices located in Lahore and Islamabad

We have an extensive sales network throughout Pakistan supplying lubricants to a wide range of automotive and industrial users. We have direct and indirect sales presence throughout the country , giving us a truly nation-wide coverage.

Our automotive range includes passenger vehicle oils, commercial vehicle oils, transmission oils, brake fluids and greases. Apart from this, we are market leaders in high performance synthetic oils which are being used in a majority of premium class and luxury vehicles across the country.

For industrial applications, we have a broad product range including gas engine oils, heavy duty diesel engine oils, turbine oils, compressor oils, industrial gear oils and hydraulic oils. Our industrial lubricants are being used in almost every industrial application around the world and are endorsed by major equipment manufacturers globally. Segments where our lubricants are market leaders include; Power Generation, Chemicals , Oil & Gas exploration , Textiles , Manufacturing, Construction, Marine and Aviation along with other sectors.