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Industrial Lubricants

Successful businesses rely on Mobil ™ lubricants. Prolonging equipment uptime, reducing maintenance, improving employee safety, reducing energy costs, and minimizing the environmental impact of operations by providing the most effective lubricants and advanced technical services. We support the conversion.

We have a variety of high performance industrial lubricants designed to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and reliability for your equipment. From mineral and fully synthetic lubricants to compressors and cutting fluids, there is something that allows any device to do more.

Click on a product name to learn more about each product and the unique benefits it offers.

Contact your local industrial lubricant retailer to verify product suitability and local availability for your application, or contact us for more information.


General Manufacturing

MobilTM products cater to a wide range of intensive General Manufacturing demands. Our...

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Mobil ™ Industrial Lubricants are designed to ensure the reliability of plastic manufacturing...

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Mining companies rely on Mobil ™ industrial lubricant technology to protect their valuable equipment...

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For both traditional and renewable power generation industries such as coal, nuclear, solar and...

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Mobil ™ Industrial Lubricants are designed to increase equipment efficiency while improving drainage...

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For all types of processing facilities, Mobil ™ Industrial Lubricants provide high performance products...

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MobilTM products are available for a wide range of textile and milling operations that ensure that there is...

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For a wide range of sugar milling operations, MobilTM range of lubricants make sure that your production...

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Oil & Gas

Our line of synthetic and premium mineral oil-based lubricants are designed to protect oil and gas...

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