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Solvents and fluids

Hydrocarbon solutions, including specialty brands and unique products tailored to specific applications, are available in a variety of distillation ranges and evaporation rates. They work well as solvents, dispersants, diluents, and carriers in many applications. Our sales and technical experts have gained an unparalleled understanding of the solvent market and applications.

From Crude oil to finished products, our fully integrated manufacturing facility has the ability and capacity to supply these solvents to your business needs. ExxonMobil Product Solutions provides a global and reliable supply of differentiated hydrocarbon and oxygenated solutions.

Mobil Product Solutions is one of the world's leading producers of hydrocarbons and oxygenated fluids. The long-term commitment to the solvent market is demonstrated by recent capacity expansions at a global site in Antwerp, Belgium. Baytown, Texas; and Jurong, Singapore.

Dearomatized hydrocarbon solvents

Mobil™ dearomatized fluids replace traditional solvents such as mineral or white spirits. Proven for more than 30 years, Mobil fluids maintain good solvency characteristics without compromising safety...

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Synthetic isoparaffins

Isopar ™ solution is a high-purity synthetic isoparaffin solvent with consistent and consistent quality, thanks to selected raw materials and controlled manufacturing process. Manufactured in world-class...

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Heavy aromatic solvents

Sold under the Mobil ™ Aromatic Liquid brand in the United States, Solvesso ™ Aromatic Solvents are heavy aromatic grades with high dissolving power and controlled evaporation properties and are...

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